Cooking with the Double Skillet

Cooking with the Double Skillet

Cooking with the Double Skillet

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Since we bought our double skillet we have hardly used our oven (except for storing the skillet!)


Described as a mini oven, the Double Skillet is in fact much more.  The two non-stick pans combined with a heat resistant glass lid will cook almost anything from a simple breakfast to a full roast complete with roast potatoes and veg.  In fact the Double Skillet is ideal for boiling, frying, curries, toasted sandwiches, chips, jacket potatoes, cakes, pies, pasties, pizzas, pancakes and scones to name but a few.

The Double Skillet is designed specifically for use in caravans, motorhomes and boats, and will fit comfortably on the hobs as well as being compact enough to store easily.  The detachable handles not only help storage but enable them to be used within a conventional oven if needed.

The two pans can be used separately, clipped together as a mini oven or layered one above the other which is ideal for cooking meat or fish in the lower pan while the upper pan cooks or steams the vegetables.

To accommodate limited space, cooking for two or for a family, there are two sizes available, 8″ and 9½”.  The easy clean pans only need a short soak in warm soapy water while the need for only minimal heat provides economy and efficiency.