Low Emissions Zones in Europe

Low Emissions Zones in Europe

Low Emissions Zones in Europe

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‘Urban Access Regulations in Europe’ is a publicly funded website (in English), run on behalf of the European Commission.  The site is regularly updated to provide all the information drivers and operators will need on Low Emission Zones, Congestion Charging and other schemes where access to a city is regulated/restricted.

An increasing number of German cities are instituting Low Emission Zones.  To enter these you need a sticker; different stickers are provided depending on your emission rating.  You can apply online and pay €6 by debit card and upload a scanned jpeg image of the inner left page of your V5.  The sticker will be posted to you within 2 weeks and lasts for the life of the vehicle.

You can apply online for the German sticker

This was originally published in 2012:
RTEmagicC_umweltzone_01.jpgMMM included a very useful link in the information box accompanying
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