Motorhome Security Concern

Motorhome Security Concern

Motorhome Security Concern

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We have seen an increase in thefts of Fiat Motorhomes due to technology available to purchase online, which overrides the manufacturer standard security.

Areas specifically targeted are along the A127 within the postal codes of:
If you own a Fiat Motorhome in these areas please be aware of the increased theft risk.

While Motorhome thefts are rare, our claims statistics have shown that Fiats are being targeted. We recommend investigating and installing deterrents and/or taking preventative measures to decrease the risk of theft. Steering wheel locks, wheel-clamps and door locks are some ideas for extra security.

We would also like to mention that Ford Motorhomes still have the highest theft rates in the
above areas particularly including:

If you are thinking of, or have already purchased a Ford Motorhome please be aware of this increased risk and fit preventatives to the vehicle.
As a result of the increased risk with Ford Motorhomes and Campervans we require certain types of security when you take out or renew an insurance policy with us.

The underwriters, Aviva require your Motorhome to be fitted with a Meta Trak VTS or Thatcham Approved Category 5 or 6 tracking device.

However, if you would prefer not to fit a tracking device please contact our office and speak to our team 0808 1688 150 or We will be happy to look for alternative insurance providers for you, which may not have the same requirements and answer any questions you may have.

We hope you found this information helpful and keeps your Motorhome safe and sound.