Replacing the Toilet Rooflight

Replacing the Toilet Rooflight

Replacing the Toilet Rooflight

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The skylight pours water when we’re traveling but not when we’re static. Have tried hosing area as have repair shop and can’t find any leaks. Is the only option to replace the whole thing.

It does look like the actual window doesn’t securely flatten when closed.
Anyone else had this problem? If so did they replace the whole thing and was it expensive?

I had this problem with my 2004 morello. When I started stripping it down I found the sealant had dried out on the rooflight. New sealant applied and no more leaks. Just take your time removing the first cover as it has the two screws and then clips around the edges. Then it’s just screws and the wiring connectors.

Ian O’Brien

We had this problem on our 2006 Morello and I dealt with it a couple of years ago as detailed in the attached. Hopefully it may be of use whether you decide to remove and reseal or replace completely.

Pete Privett