Technical Workshop 2017

Technical Workshop 2017

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held on the Friday of the AGM weekend 31 March 2017

Summary of Discussions

1.  Nature Pure Filters

a)  Nick Mawby summarised the information he had sent to all members on 4 March

b)  Some Nature Pure filter units were fitted with less effective non-microbial filters

c)   Contact General Ecology Inc, the manufacturer, if affected. full info

2.  Leaking Heki rooflights

a)  An article appeared in MMM covering diy replacement of a Heki and might still be available

b)  There could be problems with shrunken silicone

c)  Use CT1 or Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure

d)  Murvi currently fixes the problem using CT1

3.  3-way fridge Problems

a)  Some problems had been experienced with manual fridges not cooling on 12v or gas not igniting after fridge had been charging on 230V

b)  It is possible to change some fridges from manual to automatic selection for about £100

c)  Remember that 12v only maintains the temperature existed when switch to 12v

d)  Using already frozen items like milk can speed up the chilling time if the items are to be defrosted and not re-frozen

e) If not cooling adequately on gas, despite a blue jet, it could be that the jet is partially blocked.  See tip

4.  Gas Hob burners – Main burner flame seems feeble, especially if other burners are being used as well

a)  The gas jet might need changing

b)  The jets are very small and can become blocked by food debris

c)  If a Truma regulator is fitted in the gas line then the problem may be due to the widely reported ‘oiling’ problem. Regulator needs changing.

d)  NB. Rubber hoses  age and should be changed by the date stamped on the hose

e)  Some autogas can be of poor quality and affected by both delivery and storage

f)  A feeble ignition spark could be caused by too large a gap on the electrode or a worn electrode

5.  Spare Tyres

a)  The RAC advises that you must carry a spare wheel if it was factory fitted

b)  The RAC have a limited supply of spare tyres for those vehicles fitted with a repair kit

c)  Some spare tyres have been stolen so check you still have one!

6.  Fiat Ducato Radio

a)  The factory fitted radio is designed to switch off after 20 minutes to protect the vehicle battery

b)  On more recent models this cannot be over-ridden although a solution for older models can be found on internet forums or murviclub tips

c)  If Murvi fit an alternative radio/stereo they will wire it into the leisure batteries to avoid the ‘switch off’ problem

7.  RCD tripping

a)  Frequent tripping incidents may be the result of loose screws on the cable connections, which in extreme cases can lead to sparking across terminals and a fire hazard

8.  EHU cables

a)  Best practice is to unroll EHU cables completely to prevent overheating and to always unplug the live end first

b)  If EHU cables connections are left unplugged on the ground, leave the connectors in a dry area

c)  Plastic boxes are available to protect the connectors

9.  Cracked window

a)  Superglue might help

b)  Drill out the end of the crack to stop it creeping

10.  Webasto

a)  If the Webasto cuts out the fuse should be increased from 10 to 15 amps

b)  Webasto advises that the system should be used in diesel mode at least once a month to keep it in good working order

11.  Satellite Systems

a)  Sometimes moving the van a few feet can lead to an improved signal

b)  Make sure leads are tight

c)  If the dish locks on to Astra 1 it is working




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