Which Accessories for Your New Murvi?

Which Accessories for Your New Murvi?

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Extract from the Murvi Chat Forum about Accessories – January 2013

Hi everyone

This is our first post to the forum as we are new members. With retirement approaching in September this year we have taken the plunge and ordered a Morello for delivery in that month. We always intended to buy a motorhome, upon reaching this momentous occasion, having experienced the joys of caravanning (and a short period of motorhome hire); but which one?  So the last few years have been spent humming and haaing, making comparisons, visiting shows, peering at all sorts of motorhomes, reading forums and reviews and talking to informed (and some not so informed) people.

Of course all readers of this forum will agree we have made the right choice, but now further decisions are required about accessories.

Our aim is travel in this country and Europe, mainly short duration, but occasional three to four week breaks as well, staying on a mix of fully equipped sites, CL’s and some wild camping.

We appreciate that everyone has got their own ideas of what accessories are necessary, but it would be helpful to us to know what members think has been the most worthwhile one they have, and equally which one has been the most underused.

We’re really looking forward to September and reading the information on this site has just increased that anticipation.

Response 1

We are on our second Morello so here’s our view:

Bike rack – essential if you have bikes! Towball or door mounted? Mixed views. We like to come in thru the back door if wet and muddy so went for door mounted. Others swear by towball mounted.

Solar panel – depends on your lifestyle. If wild camping and fairly static, it helps eek out power.

Gas oven – we consider essential when in UK colder climbs, others do without. No microwave for us. Not on mains often enough.

Extractor vent – mandatory over oven. Wouldn’t bother otherwise

Larger fridge – definitely

Curtain to divide kitchen from lounge – we added to first Morello and had it fitted to second. We shower a lot in the van and it makes a decent dressing area

Hanging bar in bathroom – great for hanging wet things.

Wider cupboard by entrance door (used to hold large gas bottles but no longer needed for that and standard fit is a narrower one) – used to hold all the mucky things as it wipes clean easily

Inbuilt inverter – rarely used but invaluable for one item which will only charge from mains (had a separate one previously but it took up space and wires everywhere which in a small van is a pain)

SOG unit fitted to toilet. INVALUABLE – avoids need for toilet chemicals which means you can empty into any toilet if no Chemical Disposal Points. Always wondered what the initials stood for. My assumption is that it stands for Suck Out Gas – which it does!

External water pump point. If static and the water point is on the other side of a muddy field then filling the tank using a collapsible (or other) water tank removes a problem

BBQ point – don’t BBQ so no use to us.

TV – no – good to get away

Cab lights – waste of space!

Concertina internal blinds – saves storage space but poor insulators in cold weather. Help in hot weather to keep sun out and easy to use

Maxi chassis – essential in our view – went over axle loading on previous (standard) Morello

All weather tyres – hard to judge but seem a bit better – extra cost marginal

Replacement radio – yes – take your pick

Dashboard air conditioning  – yes – but not a desperately good one I’m afraid

Rear view camera rather than sensor – yes – use regularly – and need it with my reversing!

Comfortmatic – gears and us are mutually exclusive. Very rarely use it in manual mode

Airide suspension – costly – not tried it – but one member who has it swears by it

Awning – very rarely used in UK, ideal in hot countries

Extra water tank – yes – allows us to go four days and four showers without filling up (still have to empty it though!)

Nature Pure water filter. Fitted after dodgy tummy on first van. Since then have always used for drinking water without problems

Response 2


……….. probably agree with most of that.


One useful feature to have fitted from the options list is the external light above the sliding door, which you can leave on when you go out. Then when you’re staggering back from the pub after Midnight, having consumed too much cider, it’s easier to locate your Van!!

Also, we had Rex fit a light in the wardrobe (surprised this isn’t standard).**it is from 2014!

One observation we have concerning our Morello (new last October) is that the shower head is now part of the tap. We much preferred the earlier arrangement (on our Piccolo) where the shower was separate, on the wall. This meant that the shower hose was then adequately long enough to reach out the back door to hose down the dog, or us!

I would also recommend the Maxi chassis, along with up-plating the vehicle to 3,950kg – road fund tax then becomes £165 pa (private heavy goods vehicle).