Blocked Scuttle

Blocked Scuttle

Blocked Scuttle

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We have taken up the idea of a pan scrubber pushed into the central drainage hole of the scuttle to prevent leaves etc from blocking the drainage, after reading the problems listed below.

Clearing the small drains:

On both sides of the scuttle there is a tiny (6mm/quarter inch) drain hole that blocks easily.  I couldn’t clear it with a wire but managed to flush it with a 10ml syringe fitted with a rubber tube; on the drivers side ensure the wipers are left upright.
Nick Mawby

Alan & Marion Turner:

We had a bad experience with engine failure (luckily just one mile from home) caused by water ingress when the scuttle had been overflowing due to a blockage in the scuttle drain and the fact that I used to keep it parked where the van was leaning slightly down to the near side – the drain is at the off side end of the scuttle.

The problem was with water getting in to the under bonnet fuse box which had to be replaced – our Fiat dealer argued a case with Fiat for a replacement fuse box under warranty – but we had to pay the labour charges (£185 + VAT).

I now check the scuttle drains regularly (there is a small additional one in the separate well at the far near side end) and I park the van with two inch blocks of wood under the near side wheels to keep it level. I also replaced the pipe clip that holds the rubber tube to the base of the scuttle main drain because it had slipped off and I don’t understand how the strange looking Fiat clips work?

Robert & Angela Emuss:

Our van lives outside and we live in a wooded area. We use a Taylormade bonnet cover which keeps the rain snow and leaves out of the scuttle and engine area. Ties  across the screen above the wipers and stretches below the bumper to the wheels by elasticated straps. Takes very little time to fit.

  Still have to clean the drain pipes every so often as they become blocked when out and about and in the summer months when we do not use the cover.. Our 2010 van has a large drain in the centre of the scuttle and two small ones at either end . The one by the wiper spindle is quite difficult to find. Taken to clearing them by digging the open end from under the bonnet and blowing them backwards. Works well but be careful as otherwise you end up with crud all over your face!

Bob Eley:

My drain hole blocked up with leaves and other muck. Having removed the tube to clean it out, I now have what we refer to as a “curly wurly”, stainless steel pan scrubber stuffed lightly in the top of the drain which acts as an excellent filter. – No trouble ever since. Just pull out and shake out any muck occasionally, – much easier than having to clear a leaf filled tube..

Bob & Celia Northwood:

Fiat drains-a-pain. There were none in our previous Murvi, (1997 vintage) so the water just overflowed into the engine bay. I fitted a battery cover as the water ran mostly over it. Bit of a pain when the battery acid level needed checking. Must have been OK though as the battery lasted 13 years!
But that is history. Our current Murvi (2012) has the dreaded microscopic drains at either end for those pesky little water traps, especially designed to be so small as to inevitably become blocked. Rather than grovel underneath,  our solution is to poke a wire, plastic covered garden sort about 8″ long, down the pipe. A loop at the end to stop it disappearing! The occasional jiggle successfully keeps things clear. A large garage would do nicely – if only.

Robert & Angela Emuss:

Yes a length of wire usually works if you do it regularly. It is when the blockage is further down the plastic tube than the wire can reach that I resort to tube blowing. Think using wire can sometimes move the blockage out of reach.

    We had the scuttle on our 2002 Murvi overflow into the cab area and creep under the floor covering only to be discovered when it reached the safe under the passenger seat. Flooring up and a commercial dehumidifier quickly resolved the damp. Our local garage owner who has a coachbuilt advised caution as he had seen a van where overuse of a commercial dehumidifier had dried the van out so much that the wood joints had started to become loose!!

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  1. Nick Mawby Post author

    The scuttle is the area between the bottom of the windscreen and the bonnet where the wipers are attached, and all the leaves collect

  2. Kev clarke

    Thanks all, for the useful comments on blocked scuttles !!
    our 2002 Morello developed a leak which tracked to the seat safe only spotted after heavy rain. Will definitely look to ridding out the drain holes. Assume they can be reached through the grill area under the wipers, with out having to strip out the wipers and grill ?

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