Canoe lovers

Canoe lovers

Canoe lovers

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Having got our Murvi in January, Martin has been working our how best to fix his canoe (and my SUP) to the roof without interfering with the satellite. This is the result.. – we have a Fiamma roof rack and a homemade wooden a retractable ladder which stores neatly in the cupboard. Would love to hear from anyone who also has canoes on the roof to see if ant other solutions?

Jane and Martin Jones


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  1. Parnac

    Impressive to load those boats on the roof, just the lift up is remarkable.

    I would have though that the way the upmarket inflatable boats are going in terms of inflation pressures and durability that that would be an easier option. We have just bought a Gumotex Seawave which is great. We have been fans of Gumotex for twenty years, very well built, wouldnt consider any other make having tried other upmarket makes (Grabner and Feathercraft) and come back to Gumotex. Also seeing inflatable SUP’s around.

    I know this is an answer to your question. as such.

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