Ducato Scuttle drain and instrument panel lighting

Ducato Scuttle drain and instrument panel lighting

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As our Morello will soon be 3 years old on 11 April I took it to our local Fiat garage in Portsmouth for a service and MOT last week. I mentioned that we had the known problem with water entering the engine compartment though the windscreen seal and possibly the drain scuttle which they said they would investigate and correct it if necessary.

I was pleased I’d mentioned it as they resealed the windscreen and replaced the whole drain scuttle assembly and all under the Fiat warranty.

They also said that if I had a problem seeing the speedo at night they would replace the dashboard illumination again under warranty. We don’t have that problem but as discussed on forums and magazines many Fiat owners do.

So if your van has either of these problems and is still within the Fiat warranty it might be worth checking out.