Technical Workshop 2016

Technical Workshop 2016

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A Technical Workshop was held on 20 March 2016; 36 Members attended

Summary of discussions

1. Winter Preparation

a. Do not forget to empty hot water tank
b. Take water filter out of pump
c. In addition to winter draining, mid-season draining of Webasto is good for keeping valve clear of scale

2. Fridge

a. Take external of covers off at 10°C
b. Easy to change gas jet
c. Gas pressure important
d. Some habitation checks do not include fridge service
e. Murvi probably do include fridge service
f. Rust flecks in exhaust chimney can accumulate and block gas jet unless cleared regularly (e.g as part of habitation service)
g. Blast jet with compressed air – do not use pin
h. Routing of chimney to side on newer vans may cause a problem with keeping pilot alight
i. May need to reduce fridge temperature when lighting gas to ensure gas demand valve opens

3. Fuses

a. Most in back of wardrobe
b. Webasto should have 10 amp fuse uprated to 15amps
c. Murvi manual is general and not specific about locations of fuses
d. 2008-11 models have light which indicates blown fuses
e. Some USB chargers can cause short circuit and blow aux fuse in wardrobe
f. Fuse systems and placement vary by individual van/options

4. Habitation Service

a. Majority of those there did not have habitation service
b. Ideally Murvi should issue check list when completing habitation service
c. Gas installation should not be serviced if not experienced in doing so
d. Murvi recommend upgrading straps on underfloor gas tank from mild steel used on earlier tanks to stainless steel
e. Murvi recommend upgrading pipe to metal on external barbeque point
f. Underfloor gas tank may require painting as part of ongoing maintenance or an additional item when having a habitation service

5. Van weight

a. Van weighing shows small payload on 3500kg van particularly if 3.0 litre engine and many extras.
b. Even if adequate payload, current 3500kg Ducato vans may exceed front axle limit of 1850kg.
c. Maxi van has greater loading limits
d. New springs could be installed to increase front axle limits
e. Lower speed limits can be an issue for vans rated above 3500kg.
f. Everyone needs to be aware of their van weights

Date of future workshops

The next technical workshop will be held on the Friday evening of the AGM weekend to enable discussions to be inspected on the vans.