the Fan – essential in a motorhome

the Fan – essential in a motorhome

the Fan – essential in a motorhome

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When planning for the Murvi club trip to Germany in 2016, I was concerned that it would be excessively hot.

After some research I bought the 12 volt fan pictured.  It is quiet and is only 7 watts, so no more than two LED lights.

Unfortunately the trip was cool and wet!  However the fan came into it’s own as a dryer:


I have a clothes rail in the bathroom and hang up wet clothes to dry.  By positioning the fan on the worktop and directing the airflow through the bathroom (with roof vent open), the clothes dry in a third of the time.



I have now bought a 12v extension lead that allows the fan to be positing on the floor of the bathroom.  It can be angled to blow directly upwards, which means that dresses and fastened shirts can be blown open and dry much faster




And as a final bonus, the fan is great for demisting the windscreen in the morning


The fan is also works very well for cooling when we do get hot, humid weather!  Nick Mawby

Fanny McFan Face

Robert & Angela have found another fan

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