Hot Water Temperature Fluctuations

Hot  Water Temperature Fluctuations

Hot Water Temperature Fluctuations

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When I use the hot water, I have been troubled by sudden temperature fluctuations; the hot water comes on hot then suddenly goes cold for a while before warming up again.

The problem seems to be the temperature limiting mixer that over reacts.  This is fitted to prevent children or the infirm from scalding themselves.

In my 2014 Morello it is fitted under the sink; there is a circular hole cut so that you should be able to adjust the valve.  Unfortunately the shelf has been fitted so that I cannot turn the valve.

After removing the shelf I also took off the back panel, as the valve was very stiff.  I turned it fully anticlockwise (as if opening a tap) and the water now comes through at full temp of about 70 C but can be adjusted by the mixer tap and no longer fluctuates.

PS I accept no responsibility if you scald yourself. Nick Mawby

Note that at 70 degrees Celsius it takes less than a second to produce a third degree scald

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