Three Ideas by John & Judy Chandler

Three Ideas by John & Judy Chandler

Three Ideas by John & Judy Chandler

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Tea Towel Holder

From a range by Zack in stainless steel with a bit of design to it. Self adhesive, available from Amazon –   


Pull Out Drying Line

I was wondering if this idea that we have used in our Morello is worthy of passing on.
It is a pull- out drying line that is used in some hotel rooms over the bath to dry items.  We have fixed ours to the end of the kitchen wall units and it pulls out over the sliding door.
We find it good for drying damp towels etc whilst out during the day and does not unduly get in the way.  It retracts completely when not in use. If the shiny chrome finish is not to taste,-it can be made matt with a rub of emery paper. 

Available from Ironmongery Direct 

MINI TABLE    Here is a movie of some of the positions available for the table.
This is normally parked behind the passenger seat, and is always ready to set down a laptop or coffee.
The table top is exactly half the size or the small table supplied with the Morello.
The table leg is a standard item from the Reimo catalogue, modified by a local welder, and fits into the standard clamp on the side of the passenger seat.
It is available on both levels of the seat heights for use for laptop or eating etc.

The fixing point is the standard one on the side of the passenger seat, as supplied by Murvi

  The metal arm that fits into it is item 57120 in the Reimo catalogue. Plus the base plug 57132 bodenlager. There are other metal pieces on this page that would also fit, and may be better for you.

I had the horizontal arm on this item shortened by a local welder to fit my original idea. The table top was kindly supplied by Rex, and is of the same material as the larger ones supplied with the van, exactly half size of the small square one. It is fixed eccentrically to the top of the arm, to allow more position options.